I have a passion for music and a deep interest in programming for Apple devices. With over 17 years of experience as a touring rock musician with the band squint (www.squint.com), I've had the opportunity to co-write on several critically acclaimed albums and have performed more than 1,000 live shows. I spent two years working at yellow DOG Studios in Austin, TX helping Ed Robinson (my partner at www.binaryconcepts.com) and Dave Percefull (one of the finest producers in the world) to transform the studio from a modest project studio into a premier and funky recording space. At the same time, I studied as recording engineer under the mentorship of Dave and ran several sessions at the studio. 

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Though most of my time is now spent developing applications, I continue to work as a songwriter, and love the creative similarities between crafting a song and putting together a great piece of software. I collaborate long distance with other musicians, and I'm interested in addressing the challenges and possibilities inherent in remote teamwork. I love coding almost as much as I relish making loud noises with my guitar. I love living in Chicago, drinking good beer, supporting the arts, and spending time in the kitchen cooking for my lovely wife.

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